A big mistake many people make ...

… is: they spend too little time mixing their paint and too much time loading their brush.

In fact the opposite is often best …


So here’s the introduction to the first of 8 face-to-face and over-the-lightbox demonstrations I’m making this Autumn.

The full video contains loads of tips about how best to mix your paint, how to refresh your palette, how to organise your palette, and how to load your tracing brush.

The full video is one of the 8 videos which accompanies the new set of 33 stained glass designs we launched in July.

Not for beginners

Now these designs and videos are especially for intermediate glass painters (they’re not suitable for beginners).

You need to have good familiarity with the brushes, tools and glass paints because we don’t explain the basics. (For the basics, see our studio manual here.)

The whole package includes a set of 33 amazing designs, 7 step-by-step guides plus the set of 8 face-to-face video demonstrations including the full-length version of “Mix WELL, load FAST”.

So if you’ve now achieved a certain amount of familiarity and confidence with glass painting (like, you wouldn’t panic if I handed you my palette knife and asked you to ‘get my palette back into good shape’), then see here because – if you already some good experience of glass painting – this may well be just perfect for you.

~ especially for improving / intermediate glass painters ~

See here