The Best Way To Store Your Lump of Glass Paint

9 days later:

So I mixed my glass paint 9 days ago as I describe here. And one thing often worries people when they first learn how they should mix a big-sized lump (not a tiny teaspoonful), is:

Won’t it dry out?

Well, yes it will dry out in normal circumstances.

That’s why …

Seal carefully

That’s why you must seal it carefully as you see here.

And here’s another tip to keep your paint in excellent condition.

The double seal

Seal it twice – as in ‘double-sealed for extra freshness’:

How to keep your glass paint fresh

Double-sealed with Pyrex kitchen bowls

This works a treat in summer when it’s hot. It also helps in winter when you’ve got the heating on.

  • You need to check your bowls sit flatly on your palette – no rocking.
  • They also need as flat a lip as you can find – reason is, a flat lip gets you a wonderful seal.

Look at this. Left alone for 9 days, and it’ll be ready to go in just a moment:

How to keep your glass paint fresh

9 days old and still as fresh as it was before

The general rule is: when you finish working, always leave things so that it is the quickest possible time and the least amount of effort to start up again.

Even if this means extra work when you stop.

The extra time is worth its weight in gold.

In this case here, my lump is gorgeous and ready to go, which is as much as I could wish for. So now it’s just down to my eye-sight, attention and co-ordination, because I won’t waste time struggling with my paint.

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