Becky D., from Stoke-on-Trent, England, asked about gold paint.

“I am currently painting an art nouveau style lady for a centre insert into a leaded light. I’m mainly using antique browns and silver stain, possibly with some coloured enamel details for jewels. Now the customer has asked if it is possible to use gold on the headpeice. Do you know if gold paint is available anywhere? So far I can only find hobby paint, and I don’t wish to use that!”

The answer may be lusters (or lustres). You can use metallic lusters to give your glass the appearance of an object of gold, silver or copper. You can find out about Reusche’s range of lusters right here. (See page 11.)

Lusters are applied and then fired.

A different approach is to use gold leaf, which doesn’t need firing.

That’s in fact how we re-created this glass in the servants’ quarters of an English country house – with gold leaf and rabbit “size” (glue).

"Where's my gin and tonic?"

“Where’s my blasted gin and tonic?”

(Ah, those were the days! The owners pulled cords, whatever room they were in. Down in the servants’ quarters, the appropriate square would flash. And off the servant would dash to do the bidding of his master and mistress.)

Our facsimile is protected by a piece of glass at the front of the box. This is just as well because gold leaf, even with lacquer on top, can easily be scratched. Lusters, however, are permanently fixed by firing.

Of course, another reason for the glass at the front is that this particular stately home is now occupied by a family with two four-year old sons … one of whom kicked a football at the 19th century original. (Remember Matthew 19:14, please.)

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  1. I don’t know if this can help – I use “Liquid Bright Gold (for gold) and “Liquid Bright Palladium” (for silver) from THOMSON ENAMELS (BELLEVUE, KY 41073, US).

  2. I have fused gold leaf onto crystal glass blown vessels by placing the gold or silver leaf on the surface. Then over-coating with Bat wash or bone china slip and cleaning off after firing up to 790 degrees Centigrade.

    You could buy a sheet of gold enamel transfer (Ceramic Transfers) and cut to size, paste on and fire …

    Bob the Bodger

  3. Hi,

    Just seeing your note about the board in the servants quarters made me think of a funny story. My husband Chris had to collect some mail for the owner of an very old house, which was totally empty at the time. As he walked in then walked through to the main hall, a door slammed loudly in another room! He collected the mail from the hall, & as he walked through the kitchen to go out of the back door, the buzzer for ‘bedroom 2’ on the board began to buzz, not just once but many times! Needless to say he was out of the back door like a bolt of lightening!! Lol!! & Guess what, the wiring that used to be connected to the buzzer board was taken off long ago during renovation!

    Now I know that didn’t help with your Gold problem, but if you can’t get hold of Rosalba’s suggested enamels, then how about using Gold leaf, then glass laminate, to protect, but you need to use ‘Pure’ Gold leaf as substitute gold leaf will tarnish eventually. Just a thought.


  4. Don’t know how much Gold you intend to use or if you are using clear or coloured glass, but a thought occurred to me … you could the use Verre Eglomise technique. Using Gelatin or Oil to place Pure Gold leaf onto the back of the glass. You must protect it in some way so, a clear varnish or laminate as I suggested earlier. Google “Verre Eglomise” – you will get some idea of what I am talking about.

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