An Excellent Brand Of Glass Paint

Why we always use Reusche

We’ve tried tracing and shading paints from all over the world. But we always come back to Reusche.

Reusche’s glass paints mix together to make the lump of glass paint that permits us to do the kind of glass painting we enjoy. (Other brands of paint collapse like slugs with salt on them, or like a beached jelly-fish roasting in the sun.)

Also, Reusche’s “tracing” paint works a dream for both tracing and shading, so there’s no need to swap paint.

We mix Tracing Black (DE401) with Bistre Brown (DE402) or sometimes Umber Brown (DE403) or Tracing Brown #1 (1134). We use about 3 parts black to 1 part brown. These paints mix beautifully together.

Why do we add brown?

  1. On the palette, lit up from beneath by our light-box, it’s gentle on our eyes.
  2. After a few minutes on the palette, the black and brown begin to separate a little. This serves as a useful visual reminder to keep re-mixing the diluted puddle of paint with which we’re tracing or shading.
  3. Fired, it makes a gentler, softer “black”.

If you also use Reusche, then it’ll be easier for us to advise you in case you ever have any questions.

Where to order Reusche stained glass paint

  • Directly from Reusche.
  • While Reusche has a minimum order of 1/2 pound, their US suppliers can provide you with smaller quantities.

In Europe, PELI offer you an excellent service. See here for stained glass paints.

Glass paint

This is not an advert for Reusche or for PELI Glass Products. We don’t take commission. We just use the paint and write this blog.