Watch Stained Glass Painting Demos

Get the techniques

Glass Painting Techniques & Secrets from an English Stained Glass Studio is the manual we wrote to document our procedures and demonstrate the order in which you must learn them.

Part 1 explains the key techniques like tracing, shading and highlighting. It also shows you how to do all your water-based glass painting in just one firing: this will save you time and money.

Part 2 explains how to paint with oil on top of unfired water-based glass painting. We mainly use this to add amazing shadows and also to prevent burn-off in the kiln (which is when, due to the heat of firing, glass paint becomes less opaque than you want it to be – unless you seal it with a medium like oil).

Part 3 shows you how to save an enormous amount of time and money by using oil (not water or vinegar) with silver stain. This will also dramatically increase the beauty of your work.

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Watch the online demonstrations

If you have one of those guides, you’ll also have the password, so click on the links below and watch these useful demos as often as you want:

Classical glass painting with water-based glass paint: for the online demos (password with Part 1), watch the videos here.

Advanced glass painting with oil: for the online demos about St. Martha and how to paint a stained glass face (password with Part 2 / Saint Martha), watch the videos here.

Silver staining with oil: for the online demos about silver stain and oil (password with Part 3), watch the videos here.

Questions about how to watch the online demos? Please see here for answers.