This Is Something We Haven’t Filmed For You Before

And now's the time to put that right

I’m glad you want to learn more about techniques like how to undercoat and trace, and how to flood and strengthen.

Here's what's behind the opening door

And indeed we love the thought that technique (not self-expression) is paramount.

But before technique – also before good brushes – there’s something else.

So let’s talk about that right now.

Now – if mixing, testing, storing and reviving perfect glass paint is something you want to get really good at, that’s wonderful:

  • Yes, the glass painter must learn techniques.
  • Yes, you also need good brushes.

But great technique and expensive brushes won’t take you where you want to go unless you mix great paint to start with.

There is a special way you do it:

“How To Mix A Perfect Lump Of Glass Paint Every Time”

plus how to test it, store it and revive it

It’s all here