The Rhythm and Pace of Tracing

A bad, mad question ...

I remember, I was doing my apprenticeship, the question always was, “How much can you paint in a day?”

What a bad, mad question. Mind you, that was someone else’s studio.

David and I have never run our own studio like that.

Yet all the same, and for sure, we never – ever – waste time.

Your time, our own time, or anyone else’s.

But it never comes down to painting so many square feet in a day. That’s no way to live.

Rather, it comes down to concentrating hard and painting well.

Some days it goes faster than others. Which is just the way things are.

But this is really important: when you trace, you must be alive to the idea that, whatever the deadline, tracing just can’t be rushed.

Watch this and you’ll see what I mean. Just click the forward arrow [>].

The music starts at around 30 seconds in.

Now it doesn’t matter whether you paint glass as a hobby or to pay your bills: you’ll do it best when you do it at its own speed and for its own sake.

Full film here.

All the best,Stephen Byrne


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