Painting with Light?

No: it's painting with darkness. Just watch the video ...

Following on from David’s provocative tip about painting with darkness, I’m going to make my own contribution with some clips I filmed while he was painting St. Martha’s head.

Now this video may take a few moments to load – because it’s a 13 minute stained glass painting demonstration – and then you’ll see exactly what David means.

Painting with light“?


The whole time – as Brian Laughlin commented – you, the glass painter, are playing “hide and seek” with light and darkness.

Now remember, this is just a 13-minute demonstration.

An overview.

If you’re interested to watch each technique in detail, then click right here because it’s all included with Part 2 of our studio manual, Glass Painting Techniques & Secrets from an English Stained Glass Studio.

8 thoughts on “Painting with Light?

  1. Hi guys!

    Thank you SO much for allowing us in to watch you work. It’s amazing to see how delicately but inexorably St Martha’s face takes shape. It’s a privilege to be able to watch artists like yourselves at work from such close range. Congragulations to the camera operator. You have hands steady enough for neurosurgery!

    Best wishes,

  2. That is such a beautiful video. Thank you so much for making this available – it shows a breathtaking attention to detail!

  3. Stephen and David,
    Many thanks for your great video preview, truly inspirational and I’ll report back on my albeit slow progess.

    Best regards,


  4. Thank you Stephen and David for doing such great work and making this video possible for us to see.

    Kelley Mooers

  5. Absolutely the most relevant information online regarding the secrets of painting on glass. These videos are something special indeed. Thank you again for sharing your talents and techniques.

    John ~ Old Sun Stained Glass Studio

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