Stained Glass Painting with Oil

How many layers can you paint in a single firing?

There is a mind-numbing and irritating consensus which insists that stained glass paint should be fired between successive layers. This silly idea is found in any number of so-called instructional books on stained glass painting techniques.

It’s wrong, of course. And here’s a short wordless video which proves the point!It’s not that there’s anything particularly “virile” about doing all your painting in a single firing.

Rather, it’s always a question of looking at a particular design and considering what processes to use on this particular occasion.

And, if a particular designs calls for layer upon layer of paint before the first firing, then so be it!

In this connection, oil painting is a useful and fascinating technique – as those people will know, who have studied Glass Painting Techniques & Secrets from an English Stained Glass Studio.

But “Oil painting on top of unfired water-based paint?” say others – those souls who have yet to experience the sheer delight.

Yes, it does sound a little bit like “living dangerously”.

But that’s often the way with the really exciting things in life!

Now, as of today, you can even watch us doing it.

Us “living dangerously”, that is.

For St. Martha alone, there are now 13 online video demonstrations for you to see – that’s 96 minutes of stained glass painting – close-up and thrilling.

Now including a breathtaking and roller-coaster ride where we cover St. Martha’s unfired face in a fine wash of oil, then paint dark oil streaks all across it, and then – as if that weren’t enough – take a badger to her and show her who’s in charge.

For an exclusive SILENT preview – commentary plus full details with the full video – just watch video below …

And remember – this is oil on top of unfired water-based paint.