The Predictable Unpredictability of Silver Stain

Nietzsche advocated living dangerously – once urging us to build our houses on the very slopes of fiery Mount Vesuvius. But it’s important not to go too far in this direction.

Tests: always tests

So, even using silver stain with oil as we suggest, it’s always sensible to run the necessary tests.

For the Fibonacci window, as you already know, we ransacked Mondrian only to discover that he loathed stained glass (which serves him right, because each man’s Shadow always wins).

Just a touch too sharp ...

Just a touch too sharp …

The original hand-made yellow was just a touch too sharp, we thought.

And we therefore decided to modify and warm it with a gentle blush of oil-based silver stain.

Now this wasn’t your ordinary hand-made yellow glass – oh, no – but hand-made yellow flashed on hand-made white.

We duly ran our tests and opted to apply the stain, not to the flashed side (being the yellow), but rather to the white.

No prizes for guessing why, but isn’t it interesting to note how silver stain – precisely because it adjusts the structure of the glass (as opposed to sitting anti-socially on the surface) – has this unending capacity to surprise?


Unstained yellow flashed on white (left), stained on white side (middle), stained on yellow side (right)

Moral (sorry, Nietzsche): oil reduces uncertainty considerably, but cannot altogether remove it.

I guess therefore we glass painters must all rest content with living dangerously just a little whenever silver stain’s involved.

How very exciting!


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