Stained Glass Painting Techniques

Intensive 1-to-1 Training

What you get

Intensive 1-to-1 training in a busy, working stained glass studio where you watch and practise core glass painting techniques – while real work goes on around you:

“… a superb experience: the best course I have ever been on” (Isobel Ackery, Sussex, England)

“… a remarkable time” (Svetlana Makarenko, Denmark)

Where you might come from to spend time and learn with us

People come to us from all over the world — from Peru, all over the USA, South Africa, Norway, Japan, New Zealand, Germany, Australia, Canada, Denmark, Holland, Taiwan, France, Kuwait, Singapore, Ireland and Italy.

The reason is, they learn a lot: they learn things they couldn’t learn elsewhere.


This is not an advertisement. This is information about the kind of tailor-made stained glass painting course we can provide you with.

We are very technique-focused, which isn’t right for everyone.

Is it right for you?

“Many thanks for an excellent two days – for the benefit of your many years of experience, plus your endless patience. The latter is a real gift and even comes through on your stained glass painting films” (Graham Eaton, Kent, England)

If it’s right for you – because you want to learn the techniques, and then develop them in your own way – then this is our proposal.

We teach because we want to teach …

… not because we must. Indeed, the Williams & Byrne studio is always busy – projects scheduled for 18 months ahead at least. So we teach because we want to.

We make the time to teach because it gives us the chance to meet new people and pass on what we know.

Now back to you.

How you learn best

1-to-1, tailor-made training and demonstrations, one day or several. Plus you can also watch and see what’s happening in a busy, working studio. This is a true-life experience where you see things as they really are … the designs, the glass, the work-in-progress, the paints and work-benches.

We’ll agree an agenda with you. We’ll provide the designs, the glass, the brushes, the space for you to work.

And all along, you’ll get the agreed and specific full-time instruction from one of us – Stephen or David.

The unique experience you get from us

Here’s what makes your time with us unique and valuable to you:

  • We show you techniques. This means you learn the fundamental skills.You can then develop these however you choose
  • You’ll always get the personal attention you really need. There’s no waiting for the “tutor” to get free from the queue of other people he must see before he sees you! We’re always on hand
  • You concentrate on glass painting and nothing else. No lead-work or glass-cutting is involved. This means you’ll improve your glass painting at an astonishing pace
  • We supply lovely designs and cartoons for you to copy. Together we’ll pick designs that you’ll love and which will also move you on. We have a huge number of designs for you to choose from, such as medieval heads, ornamental quarries, animals, and decorative borders
  • We don’t have a “template”. This means you get the training that’s exactly right for you
  • We are experienced teachers. We believe in teaching, but we don’t need to teach, nor do we over-do it/repeat ourselves. This means we are awake and alive to the things you want or need to learn
  • We keep in touch with you afterwards — ask us questions by e-mail and we answer your questions with the best information that we have

If this sounds good to you, then come and train with us, and you will learn a lot.

What you can learn on a stained glass painting course with Williams & Byrne

Here’s what you can learn in the studio here:

  • How to trace lovely fine lines
  • How to create marvelous and evocative shadows
  • How to mix perfect glass paint
  • How to highlight
  • How to paint the front and back of the glass


  • How to do all your glass painting and fire your glass just once

If you’re confident with the above, then you can also consider more advanced topics:

  • How to paint with oil on top of unfired water-based glass paint
  • How to trace and shade with propylene glycol
  • How to paint with oil-based silver stain

Write today for full details: click here to e-mail.

Who this is for

This is suitable for people who have ‘known’ us for a while.

So for example you’ve followed the blog or get the newsletter, we’ve exchanged e-mails, maybe you’re watched our stained glass painting films or you’ve worked through our hugely popular e-book Glass Painting Techniques & Secrets from an English Stained Glass Studio.

The reason is, you need to know what you’re in for when you spend time here.

We’ll do our homework; it’s also important you do yours .

The basic line is: you know the kind of people we are and the kind of painting we do, and we know something about you and your interest (amateur or professional) in stained glass painting.

We will teach you better when we know as much as we can about where you want to go.

You're happy with a structured, technique-based approach to learning

You’re happy with a technique-based approach to learning (don’t worry, we’re actually very friendly!)

We want you to appreciate the importance of good technique, and it’s important you’re keen to improve your technique.

Also that you’re happy with a formal, structured offering from us.

You have good mobility in your upper-body. Also good eye-sight (with or without glasses).

The above points are all of them essential.

Who this is not for

This is not emotional therapy or a healing exercise: it is hard work. This stained glass painting course is not ideal for anyone in search of “play time” to express themselves or explore their artistic identity. (These things are fine – but not these days you spend with us. At the end of your time with us, it’s important you do things hugely better than when you started.)

You do need to be fit, mobile and emotionally well-balanced – this is a working stained glass studio, with stairs and all the usual “hazards” of glass, lead, kilns and stairs. Plus we are hard task-masters – we will not indulge you, we will work you hard so you leave here confident and skilful.


At the Williams & Byrne stained glass studio in Stanton Lacy, near Ludlow, in the county of Shropshire, England, United Kingdom.

To search by postcode (ZIP): SY8 2AE.

Here’s a map showing where the studio is in relation to Ludlow: See map of studio at Stanton Lacy and Ludlow

“How much and what’s included?”

The cost for 1-to-1 teaching is £195 per day which includes 6 hours’ full-time teaching, your glass, your paint, firing, lunch and 20% VAT (sales tax).

Your travel to and from the studio, your accommodation and evening meals are not included.

How to book and pay

When everything is agreed, you can either pay by cheque or money-transfer. Or we can e-mail you a PayPal request for the complete amount: you then pay through PayPal (you don’t need a PayPal account to do this).

Your payment is your booking.


The training people get here is special. Everyone who’s ever learned with us has had a exhausting, technique-packed and fantastic time.

Because we want to continue teaching, we have these terms:

  • We will ONLY accept your booking if we are absolutely confident we can do what you want
  • Your full payment IS your booking
  • Once you book, you cannot request alternative dates
  • We reserve the right not to refund any portion of your fee if you cancel and we cannot fill your place
  • We reserve the right to charge a 50% cancellation fee to cover our administration costs

Our terms exist to allow the 2 of us to continue teaching in very small groups with our devoted attention to your wants and needs. You’ve seen the testimonials on this page: we have a lot to give you, and, if you book, we expect you to turn up on the agreed date.

“You are both excellent teachers and as I suspected prior to my visit, you are both masters at running workshops which engage and adapt to the people there.” (Chloe Uden, Exeter, England)

Write today for other details: click here to e-mail.

Transport to and from the studio

The studio is three miles from Ludlow.

You’ll need your own transport by car or taxi.

If you wish us to pick you up and return you to your B&B / hotel, we can do that for £5 to pick you up and £5 to take you back at the end of the day.


There are many different places where you can stay.

One option is: ring the Ludlow Tourist Information Centre and ask them to book you a suitable place. Their telephone number is +44 (0)1584 875053.

You also can search here.

Below is a list of different kinds of places.

Bed & Breakfast / Guest Houses (from £35 per person per night): The Mount (double en-suite and twin en-suite available from £45 per person per night), The Wheatsheaf – an old world pub in the heart of old Ludlow, The Hen & Chickens, nice place at 130 Corve Street, Acorn Place (highly recommended on two occasions), Cecil Guest House, The Merchant House, Henwick House, Branlea, Nelson Cottage. Also see Elm Lodge (highly recommended on two occasion) for self-catering or B&B.

Self-catering cottages and flats (by the week): Emily Place, Upper Linney, Balcony Flat, Ivy House, Frog Cottage, Posthorn Cottage, Mortimer Cottage, The Vineyard, The Mews Flat, The Bindery Flat, Drapers View

Hotels: The Cliffe Hotel, Degreys, Charlton Arms, Feathers Hotel, Fishmore Hall Hotel, Dinham Hall, Mr Underhill’s (Michelin Starred),

In the countryside, close to us, there is Seifton Court. Also Tugford Farm (which also does self-catering – but you will definitely need your own car).

Two important points:

  • We have no relationship with any of these businesses. In particular, we haven’t stayed with them and we do not get any commission for listing them
  • It is your responsibility to find and book a place. We cannot make your booking for you. We put all our energy into teaching you


London has many airports e.g. Heathrow, Gatwick, Luton, Stanstead and the City Airport.

Nearer to us (but that is not a deciding criterion) is Birmingham International and John Lennon International (which is near Liverpool).

Nearest train station

The nearest train station is Ludlow. It’s right in the centre of town. It’s three miles from the studio.

Note: Sunday train travel is often difficult in England.


Just read what people say about their experiences on one of these stained glass painting courses:

“ … the training provided a wealth of information … an enjoyable and revealing experience in a lovely studio and with pleasant surroundings” (Michael Holmes, Lancashire)

“I recommend this course to anyone who has an interest in stained glass painting techniques” (Clive Perryman, Herefordshire)

“ … thanks for such a wonderful couple of days. I had a great time, and am now really enthused. Thank you very, very much” (Caryl Wright, Norfolk)

“It was a lovely weekend which I thoroughly enjoyed” (Vivienne Ryan, Yorkshire)

“I didn’t want to come home … I feel very lucky that I have been taught by two masters such as yourselves: thank you for that” (Sally Willink, Reading)

“Warm gratitude to both of you for an extraordinary and delightful weekend of hands-on and intense tuition. I came away bubbling with new skills, ideas and enthusiasm” (Philip Evans, Hertfordshire)

“The techniques we covered will be a huge step in my development to further my painting skills” (Julian Podmore, Australia)

“Thank you both for a truly educational and inspiring time” (Joyce Thomson, West Lothian)

“Thank you so much for the weekend. I really enjoyed everything about it. I feel inspired to paint and create! You both were so lovely to work with.” (Joy McAllen, Eire)

“A brilliantly pleasurable and informative and funny course” (Anne Bulley, Gloucestershire)

“I’ve come back FULL of ideas! ” (Erica Richards, Midlands)

“I would like to thank you both for making it a memorable weekend for me. I had a wonderful time” (Shelja Sehgal, Hertfordshire, England)

“You can’t imagine how relaxing it was not to have to bring anything by way of materials and to find that everything that one could possibly require was already to hand. AND to feel confident that all the stage-by-stage processes and the teaching of them had been so thoroughly prepared.” (Cleone Abbs, Wolverhampton)

“Thank you very much for a lovely time glass painting. I really enjoyed everything about the weekend from the one-to-one tuition and the friendly atmosphere to the food and the excellent supply of tea!” (Lesley Howse, Shropshire)

“I so enjoyed the teaching. Such a lovely working atmosphere, and the ‘bestest’ thing is that the awful fog of not knowing has evaporated SO much” (Wenna Currie, Devon)

“I had a splendid course. You are both excellent teachers and made the whole experience extremely pleasurable” (Lis Cornes, Cheshire)

“No one I believe could have felt unattended or that their work was not of a good ability” (Sarah Lace, Cheshire)

“I thoroughly enjoyed the glass painting course with you. Many thanks” (Roy Albutt, Worcestershire)

“Thanks so much for the fantastic teaching we had fromyou both” (Gretchen and John Stone, Kent, England)

“The course was absolutely right for me” (Clive Perryman, Herefordshire)

“Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the stained glass painting course … and thank you for your excellent tuition. I drove away at the end with my head buzzing with ideas on how to apply the techniques I had learnt” (Sara Burns, Shropshire)

“Thoroughly enjoyable, and for me personally a great learning curve as I doubted if I was artistic enough to do it. This course increased my confidence immensely and I am really looking forward to adding the next dimension to my glass work and experimenting with the paint” (Martin Parsons, West Berkshire, England)

“Your enthusiasm for stained glass is infectious and extremely motivational” (Michael Holmes, Lancashire)

“Thanks for a great weekend. It went far too quickly” (Caroline Morgan, Kent)

“I learned more in this one course than I thought possible …” (Joyce Thomson, West Lothian)

“ … so much attention and guidance … such inspirational teachers” (Kathryn Watts, Salisbury, England)

“Many thanks for being so accessible after the course. The help and assistance you have given me confirms my thoughts that you are truly passionate about the work you do” (Clive Perryman, Herefordshire)

Expert glass painting tuition from Williams & Byrne

The Williams & Byrne Stained Glass Studio, Shropshire, UK for exciting and technique-packed stained glass training.

“I admire your own unique works and feel honoured to have been taught by you both” (Sara Burns, Shropshire)

People travel far to learn with us.

“My students tell me how very kind you have been to them during their stay with you. I sincerely appreciate your generosity and courtesy” (Yasuhiro Muraoka, Kobe, Japan)

“Thank you! I miss being with you: great company, lovely studio, and I did learn a lot” (Martine Bennett, California)

“Thank you so much for a great day. I learnt an enormous amount and feel completely inspired” (Lynsey Hayward, New Zealand)

“Bliss!” (Cleone Abbs, Wolverhampton)

“A very big thank you for a fantastic weekend and for sharing your knowledge and enthusiasm … Absolutely super!” (Beryl Morgan, Herefordshire)

Write today for other details: click here to e-mail us right now.

Other questions

Please write with questions when you have them.

We’ll answer you in person, or we can fix a time to talk.