Stained Glass Designs

Stained glass designs for you to use

My fellow glass painter,

It always helps to have good designs to work on.

So here are 44 for you:


You can be sure these designs are excellent because we’ve tested every one of them.

All of them are strong and full of character.

And now you can download and use them as you wish.

Here’s the deal

You can buy these 44 designs for just $9.97 – immediate PDF download to your computer. Very quick. Very simple.

And you have a 60-day risk-free guarantee so you can inspect and use them at your leisure.

Price: just $9.97 for all 44 of these tried and tested designs.

Click here and download now

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David Williams of Williams & Byrne, the glass painters

P.S. For anyone who’d rather improve their glass painting rather than spend a lot of time drawing, these designs take the headache out of tracing. They give you something excellent to work from. Something that we’ve tested. This means you can be sure the lines are all where they should be. All you have to do is copy them, and you’ll get beautiful results.