Your Painting Bridge – How Clean is It?

Your painting bridge – try this quick tip!

Hello again!

I’m glad you came over – yes, I was talking about your painting bridge. We do “it” every day – and I wonder if you do it as well?

You see, when you trace, you depend on the bridge.

And when you trace long lines, you don’t just rest on the bridge.

You also slide along it.

Look at the two sides of the fish I just painted (right). It stands to reason, if your bridge is sticky, your hand won’t slide or glide.

It’ll bump and jump.

Not nice! Because you get a shaky line …

One answer

So what you do is rub it with paper towel a few times to remove old dirt and grease.

Do this every time, before you start to paint.

It only takes a moment.

And then you’re ready to trace lovely long lines because you know your bridge isn’t sticky.

Simple – but important.


Stephen Byrne of Williams & Byrne the glass painters