Stained Glass Painting – Quick Videos

The undercoat: don't sweat the small stuff

The undercoat is very useful. At the same time, it’s just a means to an end. Aim to get it right. But don’t hold yourself back by aiming for absolute perfection here. Remember, you’re going to trace and shade and flood and highlight all over the undercoat. So, when you do it, don’t worry about the tiny marks and ‘blemishes’ which no one will ever notice. Just get on and do it, as you see here.

And now for the second clip, which is …

Softened highlights – do them gently

This is where you see another advantage of your undercoat. Once you’ve traced and shaded and flooded, you can pick out highlights. And once you’ve picked out highlights, you can soften them as you see in this quick clip.


P.S. Want more? Then read this:

Your Diamond Lights DVDs are so well done and truly amazing to watch! What I found incredibly useful was the narrative explaining the thoughts and approach the glass painter has to the work, especially in relation to the tracing (which always makes me feel really nervous – it is good to know I am not the only one). Also, I was really inspired watching the different textures of your paint: it made me want to paint immediately” (Anna Brostromer, London)

That’s clear enough.

So is this: watch 7 clips right here