Stained Glass Painting – Quick Videos

Well-mixed paint flows beautifully

This first clip is all about how much paint your brush holds and how far it’ll flow – when (and only when) it’s well-mixed and well-loaded, as you see right at the start. (If the video’s not showing, please check here for common problems.)

See how it just goes on and on and on? Once it’s well-mixed on your palette, your paint will flow and flow.

And now for the second clip, which is …

Flooding – Push and Spread

In one sense, flooding is easy. But because you’re used to tracing and painting, your natural instinct is to make it difficult: to flood as if you were still painting. But you aren’t. As you see, flooding is effortless and lazy (although you always have to pay attention).

All you do is push and spread the paint.


Stephen Byrne of Williams & Byrne the glass painters

P.S. Had a question from a Canadian colleague who asked about our tracing brushes. They are sable hair and made for us by A.S. Handover in London. They are “Series 99”. For flooding, I mainly use a size 2. And for tracing in general, you’d also want sizes 0 and 1. (And a size 6 for half-tones like shadows on a full-sized face.) You can buy them individually from AS Handover or you can get a complete kit from PELI Glass. I don’t take commission.