Stained Glass Painting – Quick Videos

Glide your hand along the bridge

Right, this clip’s all about painting straight lines and also not pushing down too hard on your bridge. (If the video’s not showing, please check here for common problems.)

You can see for yourself how the hand just glides along the bridge, rather like a piston on an old-fashioned steam engine.

And now for the second clip, which is …

Be aware of how you move your fingers

Completely different scenario here. (Still your bridge though.) This one’s all about the activity which happens on your bridge even when your hand stays in just one place. You’ll see how your fingers are constantly moving up and down, from side to side. All this is crucial to painting the strokes and shapes you want.


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9 thoughts on “Stained Glass Painting – Quick Videos

  1. All of the tornadoes are gone here in Dallas, the day is bright and cool, and here we are, enjoying lunch and watching videos of good painting techniques.

    Man, it just doesn’t get much better.

  2. Please let us see what the brush tip looks like also so I can see how hard you are or are not pushing down, how thick or thin the line is (straight or curved) and what size brush it is. Also, I want to see your hand and the entire lower brush, plus the mark you are making – all at the same time. This is critical info for us oil painters and for glass painters as well.

    Thanks so much,

    • Thanks for letting me know the kinds of things you want to see: that’s always helpful. And, yes, other clips and other videos will show you this sort of information, Ruth.

  3. Goodday Stephen,

    I really appreciate the little videos you supply. Not too many people realise that it is little things all put together that make a craftsman. Most seem to think that all the info should be transmitted in one fell swoop.

    However you seem to be wiser than most and I think you make a great teacher.

    I am looking forward to making my first stained glass window using the techniques you are showing me. I have a great project in mind that won’t be achievable with just lead-lighting alone, but I need to arrange an oven before I can do the article.

    If my photographic skills are up to it I’ll send you a photo – but … don’t hold your breath.

    Virgil Smith

    • Hello Virgil,

      I really like your observation that it’s all the little things together … And, like you say, this can’t be done in one fell swoop, or even using just one medium – like words, or photos, or video.

      The thing is, we all practice, and solve one problem, which then brings us face-to-face with yet more questions.

      I’m glad you know these things. They’ll stand you in good stead with your new project.


  4. Hi hope you all very well,The bridge is it a good to make your own and what should it be
    Made of.Never used one before should they be diff sizes and how many to have,

    Many thanks John streatfield Happy Easter to all