Working with (not against) your Paints and Media

Yes, you must decide when to act

This technique is as simple as it is possible for anything to be. You paint an oil wash over unfired water-based paint (undercoat and trace lines). Blend smooth.

Optional: add dark oil shadows and blend again.

And then while the oil is wet, stipple – because the oil is wet, the effect is gentle (see eye on your left side).

Now wait maybe half-an-hour (or whatever) for the oil to dry a little (it is absorbed by the unfired water-based paint beneath): stipple some more, but not everywhere: the whole point is, contrast. The effect starts with pin-pricks (which because the oil is dry, they never heal), and the more you stipple, the more paint you now remove (see side of face on your right; also the top of the nose).


Core technique - judging when to do something

Core technique - judging when to do something

Yes, timing is everything a lot.


Thanks for your timeImportant: you’ll find the design for this head and 8 others in this guide here.