Designs & Observations – More Heads!

Four more heads - none of them mine!

Four more heads for you – none of them mine!

Hello there!

Well, we always like to give you more than you expect.

Now since you got Part 1 of Designs & Observations, we figured how another four heads would suit you nicely.


There’s nothing extra to pay.

The price is soon going up so you definitely got the best deal by getting in early. Remember that next time!

Just click here and you’ll get the complete set of nine.

I repeat: this is free – there is no extra charge. The heads are here.

9 stained glass heads

Bonus designs for you!

And can I please ask you for a favour?

Please will you tell us what you think about the designs … are they useful? can we improve the series? what kind of designs would help you?

Whatever occurs to you … it’s so helpful to get your comments.

And they also help guide newcomers – people who don’t know us like you know us.

So either click here and send me a message or write a comment in the box below.

Thanks so much! I really appreciate your help.

All the best,

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10 thoughts on “Designs & Observations – More Heads!

  1. Thank you so much for the extra heads, that was such a lovely surprise on this soggy afternoon in Watford. I particularly like the fact that they are in so many different styles and so glad I bought the first set which on the scale of things cost no more than a couple of music downloads or an APP but was hours more engaging.

    Many thanks

  2. As usual, You have come across with more than expected!!! Thank You for being so willing to share Your artistic talents with Your readers. Peace to You and Yours. Jack

  3. Stephen,
    Love the ‘heads’! Am practicing and these are fantastic to trace from! And besides, we are using them for our angel faces too. You and David are so generous sharing all your talents. I can’t thank you enough for the instruction, inspiration, help and, best of all, friendship!
    Love Jack

  4. Hello Stephen,

    I did enjoy practicing and painting Part 1 of your new series, Designs & Observations. And now I am looking forward to try these new four heads. Thank you for this nice surprise, sharing your talent and knowledge.

    You and David are always a great motivation source for all of us: thanks for everything!

    And my regards to everyone!

  5. Nine heads are better than five. Isn’t that how the saying goes? The differing styles expand my repertoire. The drawings also make it simple to trace those elements that will be traced and strengthened. Can’t wait for other subjects such as hands.

  6. Wonderful series of gothic style heads. Thank you so much. I will enjoy tracing these, and I’m sure they could be used in larger designs.
    Maybe your next series could be Gothic Revival. After Christopher Whall, Harry Clark, Edward Burne Jones? Just a thought. Steve

  7. Thanks so much for the priceless training material.

    My day job interferes with this great study but I intend to retire soon and devote myself to becoming a glass painter.

  8. Hi David And Stephen! So we’ve finally progressed to more styles of human heads – how much longer until we learn to clothe them, caress their hands, and tickle their feet for fun?

  9. Dear Stephen,
    Thank you for the additional designs. They are very helpful and useful. These classic, religious, ancient designs are the type that I am interested in. Your step by step instructions have given me the proper tools to become a much better painter than I ever thought I could be. Looking forward to seeing what you have in store for us next. Also wanted to mention that the Peli tracing brushes are the best I’ve used. Thanks for suggesting them!