Good Stained-Glass Design vs. Bad Stained-Glass Design

This is one thing you particularly need

And it’s going to get full

Since your window lasts for centuries, you mustn’t fail on glass.

And that’s the point of paper.

But paper has its limitations

In particular, paper reflects light (whereas glass transmits it).

So for me it’s a bad sign when a client falls in love with a design:

  • I don’t want a design that’s beautiful-in-itself …
  • I do want a design that’s adequate for the journey.

This often means a lot of waste.

A lot of wasted paper

So, again for me, this is one sight which helps me understand whether someone is likely – in the end, after a lot of hard work and heartache – to prepare a good design.

This is it:

A full paper-bin

A full paper-bin