New Stained Glass Designs for Bryn Athyn Workshop

For our 4-day workshop at Bryn Athyn College, we’ll bring various designs from our actual windows e.g. the tycoon’s beasts and the Coronation lion.

I’m also preparing some ‘new’ designs …

‘New’ designs

new stained glass designs for bryn athyn workshop

‘New’ stained glass designs

‘New’ because of course I’ve ransacked them from various English cathedrals so we can all practise their techniques.

This particular workshop is now full.

But … we’ll also take part in this year’s conference of the American Glass Guild.

If you can join us there, we’ll be thrilled to meet you.

Join us at our American Glass Guild conference workshop

So Stephen and I will also run a 4-hour workshop around the ‘single-firing’ method and how we’ve used its versatility to get our studio where we want to go.

So a combination of demonstration, hands-on practise and hard-headed business-talk.

If you can make it, see here.

And see here for the designs.