Silver Stain – Proven Techniques

How you can trace, blend, shade & flood from a reliable batch that keeps for months (& why water or vinegar are no good for this)

Who this is for

Read this if you’re new to silver stain or if you currently use stain with vinegar or water. Why? Because the information I’m about to share with you concerns using stain with oil.

And if you don’t already know it, stain and oil will get you the best results for the least cost.

Oil will also let you trace, shade, blend and flood – things you just can’t do with vinegar or water.

“Tried what you said and it worked like a dream” (Judy A., Texas, USA)

That’s right: oil is better, oil is also cheaper. So, now that I have your attention, please read on.

“It’s so refreshing to find someone like you who is so open about techniques in the murky & mysterious world of glass painting! (Why does it have to be like that??!) Finding you has been like stumbling on a pot of gold” (Simon Morgan-Howard, Wales)

The price of stain

Silver stain - expensive

$80 for half-a-pound: mixed with vinegar or water, silver stain is expensive and difficult to predict. The dust is also bad for you

First up, stain is incredibly expensive. Anything from $160 to $350 a pound. Ouch! All the same, used properly, it’s worth it. It can make your glass gleam and shine like no other kind of fired paint.


But second, stain is easy to get wrong, like when it doesn’t work at all, or (the opposite extreme) when it discolours your glass, which ruins it. Yes, used with vinegar or water, the failure-rate is high. Since staining is the very last thing you do, this means your tracing and shading is most likely put at risk.

Messy and harmful

Third, used with vinegar or water, it’s not just messy, stain is also time-consuming and hazardous to use. The dust gets everywhere – also inside your lungs – and it takes ages to prepare a piece for firing in the kiln. (You must wait for the stain to air-dry, then laboriously and carefully remove it where you do not want it.)

And there’s more …

There are other problems too:

  • With vinegar or water, it’s impossible to shade from light to dark
  • It’s really hard to blend
  • It’s impossible to mix and store a batch that works reliably for months and even years
  • It’s difficult to apply it smoothly to a specific area; instead you end up applying too much, then picking it out and damaging your lungs with all the dust, not to mention all the stain that’s wasted …
  • It’s unreliable because even if you do a test, you can’t then use the same batch to do your real piece
Silver stain

Silver stain is magnificent. But it’s sheer waste to stain with vinegar or water. I’ll explain which oils to use to produce effects like this, every time …

What a mess. What a waste of time and money. What a failure to achieve beauty. But it doesn’t have to be like that. You can do things differently. Here’s how …

You see, information on the correct use of silver stain is scarcer than gold dust. In most books, you’ll be lucky to find a paragraph or two.

Even then, you’ll mostly be instructed in the use of water or vinegar, which as I’ve shown you is such a waste.

So David and I decided to remedy this poor situation. I mean, glass painters have been staining glass for the best part of 800 years. It seems a shame this knowledge should be lost. And it will be lost if folks continue their unsatisfactory ways with water and vinegar …

That’s why I wrote you this detailed guide whose title says it all:

“Silver Stain – How to Trace, Blend, Shade and Flood from a Reliable Batch that Lasts for Months”

You will learn:

  • How to mix a reliable batch of stain that keeps for months and years
  • How to find the best firing schedule for your own kiln
  • How to trace with stain
  • How to flood with stain
  • How to avoid picking out and wasting dried stain ever again
  • How to shade stain from dark to light
  • How to blend two different kinds of stain together
  • How to create textures in stain
  • How to give added emphasis and body to your stain shading
  • What you must do to preserve the smoothness of your stain shading
  • The brushes to use, what to use to store your stain, what to use for a palette

But not just that. This technique of using oil will also save you money on palette knives and brushes.

How to silver stain with oil

How to stain with oil – $13.95 – buy now

Stop wrecking your good tools

Silver stain

If you work with vinegar or water, this blender will rot. But if you use oil, you won’t have to buy a new one. Plus you’ll be able to blend your stain (not a hope with vinegar or water)

Yes, another problem with using vinegar or water is, the stain will rot your tools. Nothing you can do to stop it because it always does, no matter how clean you are. Always.

And unless you work with oil, you’ll need new ones every year. New brushes, new knives. That’s added cost to you.

But not with oil. Because the oil won’t dry, it won’t corrode your tools. Problem solved. Money saved.

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Online video demonstrations include: how to mix stain and oil (12 minutes), a case-study (20 minutes), a live studio demonstration (6 minutes), how to prepare your brushes (2 minutes), how to mix whatever consistency of stain you need (2 minutes), a useful variation on the core technique (6 minutes), 3 extra demonstrations (9 minutes), a case-study using tracing, oil-based shadows and also silver stain (18 minutes).

“Thank you so much for these videos. I watch them over and over. They help me see where I complicate things for myself ” (Joanne Legault, Winnipeg, Canada)

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How to silver stain with oil

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Afterwards, at any time, you can write to me and I’ll reply.

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How to silver stain with oil

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Stephen Byrne

P.S. Just one ounce (28 grams) of stain can easily cost you $15 – so it’s really important you don’t waste stain. Also that you don’t waste glass, you don’t waste time, and you don’t wreck your knives and brushes. Instead, get this e-book plus demonstrations for just $14 and the knowledge they contain will serve you well forever. Buy now

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Also in this e-book: 20 things you must know about silver stain – see pages 3 and 4

How to silver stain with oil

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