Important: This Page is Exclusively for Students of Williams & Byrne’s

Hello again, and thanks for coming over. Here are the two reminders of the techniques you learned with us – plus a few extras. When you want to know more, the DVD has everything.

Just hit the Play button and your chosen film will start. Turn your speakers on because the music’s good.

The Master


PART 1: The Master

The Master & the Beast is a technique-packed, two-part documentary about stained glass painting. In Part 1 you see all those techniques you learned with us - plus oil, which adds a lovely depth to your glass.

The Beast


PART 2: The Beast

In Part 2 you see the shading technique you learned when you were here - the one where you turn your trace lines into shadows, then reinstate them afterwards. You also learn about shading and tracing with propylene glycol: it's very easy, and very beautiful. All this in a single firing.

If the videos aren’t showing properly, see here for The Master and here for The Beast.

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