The Master & the Beast

A Documentary about the Single-Firing Method

Learn how to do all your painting, front and back, in just one firing

The ‘single-firing’ method is where you trace, shade, flood and highlight in a single firing, front and also back.

And you don’t just mix water with your glass paint; you also work with other powerful media like oil and propylene glycol.

Then you fire your glass – just once.

This single-firing method saves you time and money. It also improves the finish and appearance of your glass. We know, because we use it every day.

Watch and learn from these step-by-step, close-up demonstrations. There are two of them: each one lasts 55 minutes – and you see exactly what to do.

In fact it’s like you’re with us in our studio. The difference is, you can rewind and make us repeat our performance as often as you wish.

IMPORTANTsee here because the more you know, the better you will paint.