The Heraldic Arms

How to Paint a Stained-Glass Coat of Arms

From Undercoating and Copy-Tracing through to Silver Staining with Sandalwood and Lavender (forget about water or vinegar – it’s far too expensive, and also unpredictable)

Stephen promised you a sneak preview of our new technique-packed glass painting film, The Heraldic Arms of Hampton Hall. But he’s a bit behind with his work right now, so it’s my happy job to tell you the trailer is ready for you to watch. It’s a wonderful overview of all the techniques you’ll learn, and how they fit together.

The Heraldic Arms – Trailer

Turn on your speakers and adjust the volume, sit back – and enjoy this dramatic overview.

1 hour 25 minutes of non-stop instruction and technique. I guarantee you’ll learn a lot.


The Heraldic Arms – how to paint a stained glass coat of arms. Uses glass paint, oil, enamels, silver stain and multiple firings to build up line, shadow, texture and colour.

Comes with design and transcript of spoken commentary. 60-day money-back guarantee.

The Heraldic Arms is “Fascinating, well produced, thorough – and thoroughly engaging! A must see for anyone interested in glass painting” (Allison Bartlett).

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