Reviews and Testimonials

The Diamond Lights of Hampton Hall

“Thanks for the DVD’s. I watched them yesterday. They are fantastic in every way. I didn’t expect anything less from you but I wanted to tell you that the narration, music and editing are really superb. Timeless and elegant – just like your work. I imagine many people who think they can paint will just shut up and watch with an open-mouthed amazement as your brush dances across the glass. I know I did!” (J. Kenneth Leap, Runnemede, NJ, USA)

Oh the ecstacy of  having your DVD to work from.  Oh the agony of wondering just how much better my previous projects would have been had I known what I know now” (Barbara Bennett, Durbanville, South Africa)

“Thanks for sending me the DVDs. It gives me much pleasure in watching them for the good craftmanship and they are very useful for me. I also appreciate your tips and tricks” (Lydia van Meer, the Netherlands)

“Just wanted to say many thanks for the DVDs which I started to watch yesterday. They are so well done and truly amazing to watch! It is so incredible to see the level of effort put into each piece in terms of preparation and work and it is clear that there is a lot to say about being properly organised. What I found incredibly useful was the narrative explaining the thoughts and approach the glass painter has to the work, especially in relation to the tracing work which always makes me feel really nervous it is good to know that I am not the only one.  Also I was really inspired watching the different textures of your paint so perfect, it made me want to paint immediately” (Anna Brostromer, London, UK)

“Your DVDs arrived quickly and playable in California. Thank you.  I found them chock-full of fascinating suggestions, ideas, illustrations and procedures” (Jay T. Marsden, Albany, California, USA)

“… absolutely spectacular, extremely well done” (Cherrie Welsh, Vancouver, Canada)

“… simply gorgeous! So very well designed, with so much care – and so informative at the same time! They should teach like this in schools and universities – the world would look much brighter!” (Saskia Klute, Brussels, Belgium)

“Just finished watching The Diamond Lights of Hampton Hall. Thank you for putting it together. Yes, I love your written guides – but, seeing the procedures performed on the television, I absorbed and understood far more” (Scott Russell, Brampton, Canada)

“It was very good to see the consistency and also the quantity of paint prepared for use, almost immediately, for tracing and flooding. So, the way that you mix the paint with the brush on the pallet, something that it would be difficult to explain only with words” (Fábio Leite de Moura Fonseca, Sao Paulo, Brazil)

“I must confess I had a near religious experience while watching The Diamond Lights of Hampton Hall … sorry this is just an e-mail but I have not found a piece of paper that is worthy of your great knowledge. Thank you again!” (Avril MacCheyne, Essex, England)

Every time I watch I notice something new and I am enjoying putting the techniques to use” (Hector MacSween, Glasgow, Scotland)

“You are such a great help to me. And to be frank, you reflect a new style in the stained glass community, because I recall how it was back few years ago – when artists only held their artistic information for themselves and they didn’t share it with anyone! With you it is 180 degrees different: you give so much” (Hassan Al Saffar, Kuwait City, Kuwait)

” … a lot of helpful information, and whether I succeed exactly like you won’t matter because it has been worth the experience” (William Corbett, Dorchester, England)

“Thanks so much for The Diamond Lights of Hampton Hall. I’m so glad I bought it as it’s so clear to watch and learn from and so easy to access. Also because it’s just so great to watch the project from beginning to end and see all your beautiful painting along the way” (Sara Burns, Telford, England)

“I’ve spent the last week watching The Diamond Lights of Hampton Hall – brilliant! … You see the consistency of the paint. You see the friction of the brush passing through it. You see the paint flowing off the brush. You see the pressure you are using or the lightness of touch. This cannot be conveyed in a still image. I could also watch what you were doing on the palette. It was so helpful and has increased my confidence” (Louise Clarkson, Stroud, England)

“I received the Diamond Lights today, so I immediately stopped what I was working on, popped it into the DVD player and sat mesmerized watching all the techniques shown” (Steven Karnowski, Fenton, USA)

“I look forward to watching it again and again and again!” (Kam Kumar, London, England)

“I must tell you how much I have loved watching The Diamond Lights of Hampton Hall. It’s a brilliant DVD” (Hilary Gibbs, Yeovil, England)

“I bought the Diamond Lights DVD last month and I think it is wonderful” (Alison Mortiss, New South Wales, Australia)

“To have such valuable information packed onto these DVDs makes the world of difference to me” (Susan Adams, Aukland, New Zealand)

“I loved the Diamond Lights – it is the necessary complement to your books” (Enrique Perez, Cadiz, Spain)

“Truly amazing! DVDs unique in every sense!” (Giusi Corimbi, Siniscola, Italy)

“The Diamond Lights arrived this pm and I put it into the laptop and sat transfixed for the whole program! Way to go! This is a totally professional presentation and so captivating! I could not stop or pause it till it was over. All I can say is WOW! And I have read the guides regarding the tracing, palette, highlights, staining etc. but to see it start to finish is so completely different. The old saying ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ is absolutely right! This is a hit! No, a home-run! I will watch this over and over to glean every speck of information you so wonderfully placed there for me to get. I am amazed. Thank you!” (Jack Allen, LaPorte, Indiana, USA)

“I absolutely love The Diamond Lights of Hampton Hall” (Karen Reed, Huntsville, USA)

“Guys, I love the DVDs!” (Jerry Quinn, Hampton, USA)

“I received and watched your DVDs – it was truly a pleasure to see how you work” (Normand Lavoie, Montreal, Canada)

“The Diamond Lights DVD is wonderful. I can’t wait to try the techniques” (Steve McKelvey, Indiana, USA)

“Just received your beautiful DVDs … I look forward to learning everything I can about this timeless art. I believe I’ve found the best teachers in the world. Thank you!” (Jody Gordon, West Topsham, USA)

“It is a real pleasure to find so much useful information in just one place” (Vasil Sirmanov, Burgas, Bulgaria)

“So informative! I will enjoy coming back time after time to study in depth your brilliant techniques. Thank you for all your hard work” (Pam Bennett, Barnstaple, Devon)

“I am playing the Diamond Lights as we speak: it’s the best – EVER!” (Patricia Altair, Lakewood PA, USA)

“Thank you for your beautiful and informative DVDs. They have been and will continue to be very helpful” (Ann Porter, Idaho, USA)”Absolutely amazing and so helpful” (Laura Keeble, Essex, England)

“I know I will refer to these DVDs again and again” (Astrid Boyce, Arlington, USA)

“I have spent loads of money on courses and books but it was only when I found you and The Diamond Lights of Hampton Hall that I made any real progress. Such a small investment in your materials has helped me so much more than any classes I have paid for. The quality and content are superb!” (Angela Townsend, Watford, England)

“Totally absorbing and fascinating seeing you artists at work – music was restful, and captions clear and succinct” (Rosie Daniels, London, England)

“I watched the The Diamond Lights this evening (for, no doubt, the first time) and have already picked up lots of tips. My husband (formerly a lecturer in electronics) watched it with me and thought it was one of the best instructional videos he has ever seen” (Dorothy Collard, Basingstoke, England)

“I was at art college for many years and I never learned as much about brush-work as I learned from The Diamond Lights of Hampton Hall” (Daniel Grundy, Bolton, England)

“This DVD [The Diamond Lights of Hampton Hall] is unsurpassed. Without a doubt it is one of the most important contributions to real glass painting and silver staining techniques in this last century. No disrespect to Patrick Reyntiens or Albinus Elskus, but it is true” (Graeme Mills, Hastings, England)

“I was practically glued to the videos from start to finish. Lots of tips and details” (Ivan Liew, Sydney, Australia)

” … the explanations of tracing and siver staining are excellent – really clear and easy to follow” (Andrew Douglas, Atlanta, USA)

I learned so much … You two are amazing for sharing your skills and your wealth of information” (Shereen Timmerman, Spring Valley, USA)

“What great service! I came home to find the DVDs and a personal letter from you. Thank you very much!” (Mirka Jucha, Ter Apelkanaal, The Netherlands)

“Just a quick note to firstly say thanks and congratulations on the Hampton Hall DVDs – they are most informative and very, very professionally done, not only the filming but I have to say your narrator who has the voice of a king” (Phill Kibblewhite, SGO Designer Glass , New Zealand)

“the ‘how to’ details are absolutely impressive and invaluable” (Brigitte Bleses, Ontario, Canada)

“An excellent set of DVDs, well worth the price” (David Gomm, author of The Stained Glass Newsletter, Provo, Utah, United States)

“I have watched the 2 DVDs and I think they are wonderful. I love the way you have set the stage for painting, the music you’ve chosen, the clear and concise commentary – the drama of it all is amazing and ‘Performance’ (in more ways than one) perfectly describes what is taking place. It is great to be instructed in such an inspiring way, and I look forward to watching these films many more times!” (Chris Bates-Brownsword, North Plympton, Australia)