Working with Oil on Top of Unfired Glass Painting

Medieval stained glass dragon - your video demonstration


Stephen Byrne

In a moment, you’ll find a 9-minute video for you to watch because it’s always useful to see how other glass painters do their work.

Here you see how we work with oil on top of unfired water-based glass paint.

This gets us the kind of ancient-looking glass which our client asked for.

All in just one firing.

Watch and think

Now this is a “watch and think” video – there’s no commentary.

We figure it’s often good like that because everyone then comes up with their own thoughts and questions.

So turn on your volume – speakers are great if you have them (it’s quite loud at the beginning).

And hit Play.

Hint: any trouble with play-back, just hit Pause and let the film load – check the scroll bar.

That way it’ll play smoothly even with a dial-up connection.

If you want it full-size, just hit the full-screen button bottom-right.

So – all that painting in just one firing.

The fact it saves time and money is important but your time and the client’s money aren’t ends-in-themselves.

No. What settles the matter is, the dragon looks great, and it’s just what our client wants.

When you want to learn more about about using oil on glass, see the full instruction manual here.

All the best,

Stephen Byrne

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