Working your Paint, Using your Palette

Stained-glass painting: watch this high-speed, time-lapse video:

One of the biggest obstacles every glass painter faces – you, me, Stephen, everyone – is getting your paint just right. 

It’s all too easy to try to rush this task and make mistakes.

And one reason someone might rush the mixing is because they misjudge the time which the professional takes.

They imagine the professional gets it right in ‘no time’.

What really happens is, the professional might certainly rush the painting (because they can).

But they will never rush the mixing and adjusting (because no one can and also paint glass beautifully).

Leaving Your Palette Tidy – An Experiment

This will save you time and money

You know how we recommend you paint with a lump of glass paint (not a teaspoonful) because that way you can just cut off a slice or two at a time and dilute it to any consistency and density you want?

OK, so let’s spend time today considering your whole palette and how to care for it.

Specifically, how to leave it when you’ve finished painting for the day.

And pay attention here because if you’re not doing what I’m going to suggest you do, then you’re wasting time and/or money.