A Second Way To Shade Stained Glass Before You Trace

This is the same technique which won us a huge contract

Here it is, so you can use it also in your work

Last time you saw a simple way to shade stained glass before you trace. Here today you’ll find a second way.

Big reason this is important: shading gives life to your work – it matters to your audience.

The proof?

The proof is in this video, in a story Stephen tells.

Is Your Hake Brush Tougher Than You Think?

Today: a tip I've used and tested these 15 years

Today I want to share some understanding of two big topics:

hake brush stained glass painting
  1. How you paint a better undercoat
  2. How you treat your hake

I’ll even talk face-to-face with you over my light-box and show you what I mean: such is the joy of video (for those of you who have this technique-packed e-book).