Is This An Answer To The Misery Of Dried Out Glass Paint?

My tests so far ...

These past several days, I’ve spent time testing an ingredient which, added in small quantities to my usual lump of glass paint mixed with water and gum Arabic, so far appears to possess these helpful properties:

  • It slows down the rate at which the lump dries out
  • Reduces the time it takes to restore my dried-out palette each morning and post-lunch / phone calls / meetings etc.
  • Improves the evenness of my copy-traced lines
  • Helps with flooding because the paint is held together more smoothly than before
  • Permits crisp highlights and wondrous softened highlights
  • Still allows me to do everything else I like to do like ‘ordinary’ softened lines or softened half-tones …

All this is wonderful. Almost too good to be true.

But …

Case Study: The Stained Glass Beast from Start to Finish

All in a single firing

Today you’ll see the techniques I use to paint a stained glass beast. Yes, you’ll discover how to do it all in a single firing. This is just like I did it for our students in the Netherlands in July. And it’s just like I did it one morning a month ago when Stephen had his camera on. I’ve got lots of demonstrations for you to watch – eight, in fact – so let’s get going now.


One last point before we start. You’ll need a good hour to read this article and watch the videos I’ve made for you. I’m saying this so you can be prepared. The information here is excellent. It’s also free. I don’t want you to miss out. So the best thing is, you know before you start how long the journey is.

Reusche’s Water-Based Painting Medium (D1368)

Plus a free design for you to use

I’m glad the post on blistered paint (and how to stop it) was useful to you.

Afterwards, Ron Prondzinski made a really useful comment about Reusche’s water-based painting medium (D1368).

My response was:

What special uses does it have?

I mean, why use a manufactured medium rather than just plain water which we can all get from the tap?

I also thought:

I’m no dinosaur but

Why haven’t I tried it yet?