Last-Minute Nerves

It also happens to those at the top of their profession

Last week I was in London. I was there to discuss a set of designs we must prepare next autumn for windows we will make in 2016.

And so, leaving myself sufficient time between meetings, I called in to see a dear sculptor friend of mine.

He’s hugely talented. Famous too: successful. You’d probably recognise his name.

But despite his vast fame and talent, one look told me how upset he was. Anxious. Agitated.

Proof At Last: Not All Artists Are Monstrously Egotistical

A wonderful surprise

OK so – still here in the US – David and I both spent 3 hours yesterday in the studio of Genius A who is an amazing designer and immensely skillful maker of stained glass.

What A does is painting, etching, enameling, silver-staining:

  • Stunning work.
  • Awesome reputation.
  • Fascinating studio.

And now, as chance would have it, Genius Z – another great stained glass designer; famous, too (which is not the same thing) – was also there in A‘s studio.

And what do you think happened?

Honestly now: what do you think happens when 2 Geniuses – huge talents, big people – share the same small space?

You want to know what happened yesterday?

You up for it?


Then here for you is …