3 key points

On Tuesday we launch a new course called Illuminate! I’ll say more in a moment. Right now, I hope you’ll watch this 70-second clip from the lesson where we take you through the do’s and dont’s of flooding:

  • Flooding – the darkest paint of all.
  • Flooding – for silhouettes and blocking in.
  • Flooding – which easily bubbles and blisters in the kiln …

So how do you avoid those ghastly blisters which wreck your work?

The Thickest, Darkest Paint of All

Watch and copy

In a moment, you’ll find another excellent video demonstration for you to watch.

And like last time, it’s from a documentary I’ve just made.

I filmed this documentary between 8 a.m. and 10.10 a.m. one morning.

So it’s shot in real time. Which means you see everything as it happens, minute by minute, technique by technique and – layer by layer.