3 key points

On Tuesday we launch a new course called Illuminate! I’ll say more in a moment. Right now, I hope you’ll watch this 70-second clip from the lesson where we take you through the do’s and dont’s of flooding:

  • Flooding – the darkest paint of all.
  • Flooding – for silhouettes and blocking in.
  • Flooding – which easily bubbles and blisters in the kiln …

So how do you avoid those ghastly blisters which wreck your work?

The Thickest, Darkest Paint of All

Watch and copy

In a moment, you’ll find another excellent video demonstration for you to watch.

And like last time, it’s from a documentary I’ve just made.

I filmed this documentary between 8 a.m. and 10.10 a.m. one morning.

So it’s shot in real time. Which means you see everything as it happens, minute by minute, technique by technique and – layer by layer.

The Powerful Effect of Designing with Stained Glass Silhouettes

Today you’ll see the power of using stained glass silhouettes in your design.

Yes, this is our glass you’ll see here.

But remember this is not so much about us as about what you can do with a bold and talented design, some very good glass, plus a careful use of silhouettes.

Note: there are a lot of gorgeous photos coming up, so please give this page the time it needs to load.