How To Use Your Badger Blender Properly By Blending From All Sides

From all sides: not just one

When your undercoat goes down, some people are too timid: they “badger” too gently. Like they were dusting a priceless china vase. Like they were frightened they might break their glass.

Stained glass painting badger blender

Like they don’t really want to blend.

But let me tell you this: that’s not the way to do it.

More about the Badger Blender

Care and Maintenance

This follows on from a recent post about the 5th benefit of undercoating, and also from “The Beastly Lion of Wolsey Towers” – episode #1, in which you saw how to undercoat a large piece of glass.

Today, cleaning your badger.

This is important because, dirty, your badger will wreck your matts and shadows.

Clean, it will serve you wonderfully for life.

So if your matts and shadows aren’t working, sure: it might be you’re being heavy-handed. All the same, your badger just might need a simple clean.