The Beastly Lion of Wolsey Towers

Episode #5

Marking out the highlights

In previous episodes: undercoating, preparing the paint, tracing the outlines, and flooding (this fourth episode is password-protected: just sign up for the free email newsletter).

And now it’s time to prepare to make the highlights

In this 9-minute video, you’ll learn what you must do to make sure your highlights go exactly where you want them to.

So far

Here’s the lion right now:

Stained glass highlights

Now to mark out the highlights

And the question is: how do you know where you put the highlights?

Because the problem is, you can’t see through the painted glass.

I’ll talk you through the answer and also show you exactly what to do. These techniques are excellent because you can also use them for stained glass lettering and many different kinds of decoration.


Please note, there’s no spoken commentary on the video: just watch and follow. Here are the steps you take:

  1. Trace the design onto good-quality tracing paper. Also mark out the highlights.
  2. Rub chalk on the back of the tracing paper.
  3. On your light-box, use a stick to test how much pressure you need to transfer the chalk lines to the paint.
  4. Also test how much pressure you need to cut through the flooded paint.
  5. When you’re confident, place the tracing paper chalk-side down on top of the design.
  6. Attach it so it doesn’t move while you work.
  7. Now transfer the chalk lines onto the painted image.
  8. Remember: this will take as long as it takes. The beastly lion has many highlights. From time to time you might like to make sure your stick is transferring chalk properly (see 5:25).
  9. Check for missing lines (see 6:20) and do/re-do them.

Video demonstration

(Video not showing? First hit Refresh/Reload. See other answers here. Watch it here)

To be continued



David Williams of Williams & Byrne, the glass painters

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