The Beastly Lion of Wolsey Towers – Episode #2

The story so far …

So far in “The Beastly Lion”, the glass – measuring some 430 mm across: not small – has been given a good undercoat and left to dry. (If you missed it, you can watch episode #1 right here.)

Find out now what happens next.

The finished glass

Here’s where we’re eventually heading:

Stained glass video demonstration

Last inspection before leading

And here’s a close-up shot:

Stained glass lion

The Beastly Lion of Wolsey Towers

And his is where we are right now – so there’s still a long, long way to go …

Stained glass undercoat

In episode #1 – the undercoat

And now – as is always the case with stained glass painting – there are, before anyone can start to trace, the necessary preparations.

Dismiss them at your peril!

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OK, so about two minutes in, the glass painter gives himself a test patch: this is a test patch for the tracing paint he’s mixing.

Four minutes in, having tried to trace, the glass painter notices that his palette is far too wet. So he removes some paint from around the edges. Otherwise it would be impossible to control the tracing paint as you will see in Episode #3 …



Stephen Byrne of Williams & Byrne the glass painters

P.S. Yes, next time: tracing the outline.

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