The Tycoon’s Broken Square – More

Undercoating, tracing, highlights, texture – and also silver stain

We also made a full-length 21-minute demonstration of the whole process.

It’s like a coffee-shot – it’s quick, intense and packed with technique.

Right now I’m not announcing this on the website – just telling you because you get the newsletter.

You can watch the full 21-minute demo as often as you want. You need a high-speed internet connection to do this.

Here’s what you see:

  1. Undercoating
  2. Tracing
  3. Highlighting
  4. Adding texture to the back
  5. And also silver staining

You have a risk-free 60-day money-back guarantee, meaning you can watch it as often as you like for up to 60 days and get your money back no questions asked.

So the offer is: an intense 21-minute demo, watch online, watch as often as you like (it doesn’t expire) just $7.47 with 60-day money-back guarantee.

Free bonus feature: yes, if you have a high-speed internet connection, you can also download it to your computer or smartphone. Size is 254 Mb, so it’ll take a few minutes with a high-speed connection. This is an MP4 file so you’ll need software like like VideoLan or QuickTime to play it.

Watch online as often as you want
or download and watch it on your own computer

A quick, powerful 21-minute reminder of what you must do to paint glass beautifully: get it here right now for just $7.97

The Tycoon's Broken Square - Full Version