How To Work With Silver Stain


How to work with silver stain

Inside the new course, How To Work With Silver Stain, you get these different types of videos:

  1. You’ll find demonstrations so you understand the process,
  2. Exercises so you master the techniques,
  3. And we also give you case studies so you get an insight into real life.

Here are the opening minutes of a case study on how to flood with silver stain.

Now flooding is something you can’t do with stain and water.

That’s why, inside How To Work With Silver Stain, you learn to work with oil or glycol.

Here’s the trailer now.

And if you want to join the course, you’ll find a link at the end.

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Ready for you now:
How To Work With Silver Stain

How To Trace Stained Glass

A Slow-Motion Video For you

For those of you who have Grip, we’ve just published a useful demonstration of stained glass tracing. 

It’s slow-motion, close-up and with 3 cameras so you see everything you need to see.

Here’s a clip from it:

To get this video (and the others in the series), download your own free copy of Grip right here.

How To Mix Your Glass Paint

This is the true story of how my first teacher showed me how to mix my paint.

I did what she said.

I wasted a year.

This is what she said:

Take glass like this for the palette

And a knife like this

Now measure a small quantity of tracing black

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