A Geometric Solution

The Journalist Rings

Bless her, she’d been asked to write an article for next February’s Homes & Gardens (and she’d rung us five months early because she knew how busy we get …):

“I’m writing about buying and using stained glass and I’ve been looking at your website with great interest

(What a lovely journalist, I thought.)

… I need to find out about the various options available to buy, and also who can restore them …

… Can you help me please?”

Stained Glass Tracing with Vinegar

Sue Sills wrote and asked us about mixing glass paint with white vinegar:

I have only used water and gum for mixing tracing paint so far.

But I was recently told that you can use white vinegar instead of water and that it stopped the paint from drying out so quickly, thus making it better for tracing lines.

Do you know if this is so?