How To Trace Stained Glass

A Slow-Motion Video For you

For those of you who have Grip, we’ve just published a useful demonstration of stained glass tracing. 

It’s slow-motion, close-up and with 3 cameras so you see everything you need to see.

Here’s a clip from it:

To get this video (and the others in the series), download your own free copy of Grip right here.

A Sure Way To Get More From The Brushes & Tools You Have Right Now

We get a lot of questions about the brushes and tools we use. 

For instance, questions about the palette knife which keeps our paint alive:

Or the hake we use for matting:

Or the brush which serves us loyally for tracing long and lovely lines:

And on the one hand this is great. I’m thrilled by your willingness to spend money and invest in yourselves. I’d do the same. When I know someone who’s figured out the answer to something I don’t know, I’ll go and ask them. 

Yes, it makes good sense to seek advice. 

But – it also troubles me. 

It troubles me because sometimes people imagine there’s a simple answer. 

A simple answer in the shops.

When actually the best answer might be close at hand right now. 

Close at hand but difficult to see. 

And that’s my point. 

Often there’s a way to get more than we dreamed possible from an ordinary tool or brush. 

That’s what you’ll see today: how you can get more from what you have right now.