A Visit from the Art Fund


Just been preparing for tomorrow’s visit from the Art Fund – ten of its committee members will join us in the studio.

So what’s the “Art Fund”?

Right – the Art Fund exists to buy important works of art for the nation.

And why are they visiting Williams & Byrne?

Well, they said it was a full-length glass painting demo they wanted.

But maybe that’s just a pretense … I mean, what if it’s David they’re really after?

Can you see it? David himself on display in Tate Modern. David – kidnapped for the nation by the Art Fund.

It’s got a lot of conceptual mileage to it: “The Glass Painter Keeps a Steady Hand while the Financial Markets Crash”

All right, art may indeed be “whatever you can get away with” (Marshall McLuhan).

But the Art Fund won’t get away with my buddy.

No way am I leading, soldering and cementing the tycoon’s 16 skylights on my own.

One thought on “A Visit from the Art Fund

  1. Update – the Next Day

    Everything went wonderfully this morning: our visitors (a) enjoyed themselves, (b) learned a lot, and (c) did not kidnap David for the nation. (I argued he was technically an ancient monument, and not a work of art. So they left him here at Stanton Lacy.)

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