Happy New Year for Today – a Video Demo for Monday

Goodness me! Surely only the criminally eager amongst you are seeking instruction today on New Year’s Day!

So – dear readers – until Monday at least, just make sure you’ve checked out all the “Top Posts” (links in next column).

And cheer yourself with the thought of how on Monday, January 3rd 2011, you have a free close-up video demo coming your way.

2nd January 2011 - free video demonstration

Free video demonstration - Monday January 3rd

How to paint this leaping fish.

Plus the design.

Monday. January 3rd 2011.

For now, Happy New Year from both of us.

We wish you every success and happiness in 2011.

And see you here on Monday!

So sober up by then and remember how RealGlassPainting.com is far better than anything the TV or radio can throw at you.

Do “bookmark” this site so you can always easily find it.

You get a useful tip or technique every week of the year, so start now, and just think how much more you’ll know in 12 months’ time!


David Williams, designer and painter of stained glass