Happy Christmas and a Wonderful 2011

This year

We hope your year went well.

For us, it’s been a roller-coaster ride – what with the Fibonacci window and an interview with the Financial Times: then … the Hereford window and an interview with the Independent: plus the Diamond Lights of Hampton Hall.

Diamond Lights of Hampton Hall

Example designs for Hampton Hall – free with movie

Heraldic crest of Hampton Hall

Heraldic arms of Hampton Hall

And just in the last fortnight there was the follow-on project: the heraldic arms of Hampton Hall.

There was also the exciting case of the tycoon who, after two years’ silence, saw the good sense of employing us rather than any of the other studios who offered cheaper work.

Very comforting that was, because we will certainly give him best and most-lasting value for his hard-earned money.

In these tough times, there’s a moral here for everyone who will listen:

The fiercest, most time-consuming and most cut-throat battles are waged low down on the slopes, not higher up.

So don’t compromise or abandon your high standards – it’s never worth it.

2011 - stained glass skylights - 16 of them

2011 – draft design for the tycoon’s stained glass skylights – 1 of 16

Just at the end of November, the tycoon approved all 16 designs, and also asked for two more windows elsewhere in his mansion.

The best materials

Also in 2010, a non-commisioned (that’s important) joint-venture with PELI Glass Products so that glass painters anywhere can get paints, silver stains and brushes which really work.

And how can you be sure of that?

Because these are the very same paints, stains and brushes we use every day.

So, when you chose these tools and materials, you also know you’re just an e-mail away from useful guidance when you need it.

Next year

Looking forward into 2011, the tycoon’s windows will take up the best part of next year.

There’ll be lots of great information for you, because our task is to create a vast set of ancient-looking stained glass windows.

And naturally we’ll film and document this all, so you can see exactly how it’s done. (January is the month when we make the prototypes.)

It’s a great happiness to us that we live in an age when it’s possible to work hard and also share ideas and discussions with you and other like-minded stained glass painters across the globe.

Even 10 years ago, this wasn’t possible.

Thus technology helps this ancient craft!

Happy Christmas and our best wishes to you for a wonderful New Year

Happy Christmas and our best wishes to you for a wonderful New Year

Happy New Year

Between today and early New Year, we’ll be spending time with our families, catching up with our reading, making sketches, jotting down notes and generally allowing new ideas to take shape.

So goodbye and best wishes for now.

Thank you for your enthusiasm.

You’re all really, really strange people – because no one “normal” would do something as crazy as stained glass painting in the present day and age.

Well done!

We wish you every happiness and every success.

All the best from both of usP.S. Snow, ice, closed roads and closed airports mean that some DVD deliveries are slower than normal.

I wish this were within our control but it isn’t.

Rest assured, if anyone’s DVD doesn’t arrive by January 7th, just let us know, and we’ll immediately pack and send you a replacement. Please write to us whenever you have any questions.