Doctor Who and the Diamond Lights of Hampton Hall

When David and I first established Williams & Byrne, we made a solemn promise to one another.

Once a month, we would tidy up the studios and – to make sure we kept a due sense of proportion about our work – we would settle down and watch an episode of Doctor Who. Just to chill out.

Doctor Who is a cult science fiction show that’s been going since the 60s.

David and I grew up on it. It was real “hide-behind-the-sofa” and “peep-through-your-eyes” material.

Needless to say, this never happened. We never got to take “time out”.

The quantity of work has not permitted this indulgence.

It is the only undertaking we have ever broken in our business.


But, had you been here with us yesterday, you would have witnessed a unprecedented scene.

For the first time in the history of Williams & Byrne, David and I pulled up our chairs, sat down and … watched a DVD.

The Diamond Lights of Hampton Hall: English: colour: all regions: wide-screen: 71 minutes

It concerns the making of these stained glass windows you see here:

The Diamond Lights of Hampton Hall

The Diamond Lights of Hampton Hall

Yes, we had a great time yesterday. This DVD is the culmination of a several months of filming here at the studio whilst the windows – two pairs like the ones you see above – were painted and silver stained.

198 diamond quarries, each one traced and stained with a lovely image.

We installed the windows just three weeks ago, and they look magnificent in their stately home.

And as always the question is, What’s in it for you?

How to trace and stain these diamond quarries

How to trace and stain these diamond quarries

Well, like it says on the label, “97 tips in 71 minutes”.

All about tracing, highlighting and silver staining: the essential practices.

Unless you’ve spent considerable time in a painting studio, you won’t ever have seen such close-up detail on how stained glass is really traced and stained.

A true-life case study showing you what actually happened here in the Williams & Byrne studio.


Early comers will also get a load of valuable bonuses with their own personal copy of this technique-packed DVD.

More details soon.

The Diamond Lights of Hampton Hall - DVD launching in December 2010

DVD Release Date: 9 a.m. Monday December 6th 2010

And David is preparing himself to be mobbed on our next trip down to London to see our Soho tycoon …


Here’s a summary so you know what to expect:

“The glass painters, Williams & Byrne, have been summoned to Hampton Hall in the ancient English county of Hamptonshire and charged with designing and making two pairs of diamond stained glass lights.

Not only must the finished windows be lovely to behold, they must also distract the onlooker’s eye from the unsightly view of the village beyond.

Here in this fast-paced documentary you will discover the glass painting and silver staining techniques that the bohemian duo employed to thrill their clients and complete their mission”

Yes indeed this is important:

97 tips in 71 minutes.

Released: Monday 6th December 2010. Will be available on But get it here from us and also get the bonuses.

P.S. Aficionados will note there is a strong resemblance between David Williams of Williams & Byrne and William Hartnell a.k.a. the very first actor who played Doctor Who … Spooky, eh? See here at about 1 minute 10 when David Williams William Hartnell (Doctor Who) first appears …

See what I mean about “hide-behind-the-sofa” and “peep-through-your-eyes”?

Released Monday 6th December 2010

Released Monday 6th December 2010

Rest assured, our forthcoming documentary is 98% less frightening and 1,331 times more informative.


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