Tools, Materials and Techniques

Until now you’ve probably had to shop all over the place to get your different brushes and paints.

Which wastes valuable time.

That’s why we’ve got together with PELI Glass Products to make things quick and economical for you.

PELI has prepared an excellent set of four glass painting kits.

These kits contain the same brushes, paints and stains that we use here at Williams & Byrne.

That’s right: we endorse them.

The brushes also have our name on them.

Which means, when you have questions, we’re well placed to answer you.

The brushes in particular will represent excellent value wherever you are in the world.

Many of them are made by hand in London.

And they are now made especially for Williams & Byrne and PELI.

Because we know what we glass painters all need.

Excellent brushes.

Now, since the paints and stains are imported from Reusche, it’s fair to say our US colleagues may already have a local supplier who serves them well.

But everyone else – you folks in Australia, South Africa, India, Japan, New Zealand, Israel, South America, the Middle East and Europe: check out paints as well as brushes.


Williams & Byrne don’t get any commission for recommending PELI to you.

Likewise, PELI doesn’t get anything from us.

That way we can both speak objectively about the other company’s merits. Money doesn’t enter in. Just quality of service.

Old-fashioned, yes. But so is glass painting.

PELI’s Tools and Materials

Let’s have a look at PELI’s four kits:

  1. Classic Glass Painting Tools contains the brushes you need for all your water-based stained glass painting
  2. Advanced Glass Painting Tools contains the brushes you need for your oil-based stained glass painting
  3. Classic Glass Paints includes the tracing paints you must have for water- and oil-based stained glass painting – including the fabulous Violet of Iron (which we used recently to paint the tycoon’s casket)
  4. Silver Stains – well, this kit speaks for itself


You may need two sets of Advanced Glass Painting Tools – one for use with tracing paints and oil, and one for use with silver stain and oil.

(You cannot use the same brushes for tracing paint and silver stain, otherwise stain and glass paint will contaminate each other and make your life difficult indeed.)

Also: if you just need (say) a badger blender and/or a hake brush and/or some tracing brushes, PELI can also help you here. There’s no need to buy a complete kit – just tell PELI what you’re looking for.

Williams & Byrne’s Techniques

To match the different kits of tools and materials from PELI, we’ve now re-arranged how we present our techniques to you.

There are now three Parts to “Glass Painting Techniques & Secrets from an English Stained Glass Studio“:

  1. Part 1 focusses only on water-based stained glass painting
  2. Part 2 is devoted to oil-based glass painting
  3. Part 3 deals with oil-based silver staining


W&B Techniques PELI Tools PELI Materials
Part 1
Classic Glass Painting Tools Classic Glass Paints
Part 2
Advanced Glass Painting Tools Classic Glass Paints
Part 3
Advanced Glass Painting Tools Silver Stains

What you get

This means you folks who already know us will get excellent service from PELI when you next need tools or materials

And newcomers joining us for the first time will find it easy to decide where to improve your skills and also get the tools and materials they need.

PELI Glass Products for your Tools and Materials

For glass painting tools and materials, just write to Lisa Di Campli at PELI Glass Products. (Many languages spoken and written.)