If You’ve Ever Wanted to Learn the Skills which Real Studios Use (but cannot share with you), then Here’s Your Chance

Kiln-fired stained glass painting – learn new techniques, save time, save money, and enjoy it more

What do you want to learn?

1. The key techniques

Is it the key techniques, like tracing, shading and highlighting?

Traditional stained glass painting – you’ll find the core techniques right here.

Your guides are a great help for us in our studio (Ab Evenhuis, Veldhoven, Netherlands)

This is also the best place if you want to get really good at tracing, shading and highlighting.

2. Glass painting with oil

What about stained glass painting with oil?

It’s also great to work with oil because oil is a lovely way to shade.

You’ve given me a gift I cannot repay: I have wanted so much to get good instruction, and now at last I have (Kara Unland, California, US)

See here for glass painting with oil and also how to paint a stained glass face.

3. How silver stain can dramatically improve the value and beauty of your work

Or silver stain, because I can save you time and money …

Then there’s silver stain, which most people mix with water or vinegar, which is crazy because it costs you time and money and also wrecks your brushes. Go here for this useful guide to using silver stain with oil.

Your material is so much easier to understand than other books I have seen (Sonya Conlin, Kent, England)

We’ve saved the studio so much money since abandoning water and taking up with stain and oil. You can do the same.

Everything comes with a risk-free guarantee.

Thank you for your very impressive and helpful material (Claire O’Halloran, West Kerry, Ireland)

All the best,

Stephen Byrne


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