Announcing Stained Glass Painting Competition No. 1 from Williams & Byrne

Stained glass design - final version - for Hereford Crematorium

“Why has it taken so long to finish me?”

Careful readers will see that “The Hereford Saga” has been silent for some months.

Yes, our work on completing the full-sized design was mysteriously stopped by some factor (or factors) beyond and outside of our control!

But readers will be glad to know that we have recently been able to re-start our work.

And right now, the full-sized water-coloured design is nearly complete.

That means we will soon be able to make the cut-lines and then start cutting and painting the glass itself.

At last!

So to celebrate – here, therefore, is the first-ever Williams & Byrne Competition

Readers are invited to post their suggestion about the external factor(s) which, until recently, prevented us from completing the full-sized design. Please do this with up to 100 of your own words.

So, imagine, what immense physical power or impediment or embarassment (perhaps) might temporarily prevent Williams & Byrne of all people from completing the magnificent full-sized design for this prestigious stained glass window?

Remember, it’s the full-sized design that’s been delayed – not the window itself (we haven’t started making it yet).

Be as imaginative and creative as you wish.

It’s not that we want to encourage dishonesty, but you can certainly be a winner without hitting the Truth!

All we ask is that you make some connection with stained glass design, painting or making.

Obey the Rules, use up to 100 of your own words, and YOU can win one of three amazing prizes …

First prize: a round-headed badger, and a Hake, and 3 tracing brushes (these being a lark, a crow and a small duck)
Second prize: a Hake and 3 tracing brushes
Third prize: 3 tracing brushes


20 leaded light designs from the 17th century – a Free download for every entrant

In the event of a tie-break, we will award copies of The Glass Painter’s Daughter by Rachel Hore who kindly acknowledges Williams & Byrne in her introduction to this, her latest novel.

But let’s go further than that.

We’ve got a fabulous collection of stained glass designs which date from the 17th century – clearly not our own!

In August, we’ll publish a download with our favourite 20.

These truly are some of the most gorgeous geometric designs that you will ever see.

And everyone who enters in accordance with the rules will win a free copy of this amazing top-20 download.

The top-20 stained glass designs from 1615 – sent to you by e-mail for you to enlarge and develop however you wish.

Competition Rules:

  1. Your answer must contain up to 100 of your own words.
  2. Your answer must make some connection with stained glass design, painting, making or fitting.
  3. Prizes will not necessarily be awarded for accuracy. Other qualities – such as general interest, humourousness or oddness or imagination – are equally important.
  4. No flattery.
  5. No rudeness.
  6. You agree that Williams & Byrne – in order to avoid legal prosecution – may be unable to reveal the Truth. (Trust us: this is a clue.)
  7. You have the right to ask us for more information, but we have the right to remain silent without incriminating ourselves.
  8. You can post as many answers as they wish. (Indeed, you might want to return and see what other people have suggested.) But only your latest answer will be adjudicated by the judges.
  9. The closing date is Midsummer’s Day, 21st June 2009.
  10. The winners will be announced on 6th July 2009.
  11. The regular judges are David Williams and Stephen Byrne of Williams & Byrne.
  12. We are excited to announce that the Visiting Judge will be the master craftsman and sculptor, Mark Richards FRBS, who has recently completed a twin-sculpture of HRM Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh. This latest work will be unveiled by the Her Majesty the Queen at this year’s Royal Ascot. We are therefore extremely grateful that Mark has agreed to join the regular panel for this opening competition.
  13. The judges’ decision is final.

So, what external factor(s) delayed us from completing the full-sized water-colour design?

Let your imagination run wild, but please be plausible, strange, funny and/or interesting.

And please do make your answer connect in some way with stained glass.

52 thoughts on “Announcing Stained Glass Painting Competition No. 1 from Williams & Byrne

  1. Thanks for adding the original, Jackie.

    And, Joanne, it would almost be an understatement to say that “Jabberwocky” is a nonsense poem.

    The syntax represents perfect English. But the nouns and verbs are meaningless.

    Now that David and I are soon to start painting the new window, we must be sure to create a window which does not follow the fate of this particular poem.

    We want structure and meaning – and I know that silver-stain will play an important role here.

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