Do You Want To Learn How To Paint Beautiful Stained Glass?

Hello – we’re David Williams and Stephen Byrne:

David Williams (left) and Stephen Byrne

We can teach you how to paint beautiful stained glass – traditional glass painting, the kind you fire in a kiln.

Our studio is called Williams & Byrne.

We design and paint stained glass for large projects like a set of 16 skylights of which you see 6 here:

6 stained glass skylights from set of 16

We also teach.

Students fly here from across the world:

From Peru, the USA, South Africa, Canada, Norway, Japan …

Also from New Zealand, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Australia, Canada, Denmark, Holland, Taiwan, France and Kuwait.

Now England is a long way from most of you.

If you can’t come to England, here’s what you can do instead:

  1. Download this free ebook on the 6 key tools and how you hold them.
  2. Watch short demonstrations here.
  3. And explore these online courses.

“Thanks for all your hard work to bring us this joy of painting on glass” (Vivienne R.)

We’ll help you learn the skills you want.

The Glass Painter’s Method: You Can Work Magic